Photo guidelines

How to pick best photos

The quality of your pet photos is very important. We use your photo to make final product, so better input - better output. Please choose your best photos when placing order.

Don't know how? Worry not my friend! Just keep in mind taking photo that you think it's best suitable to the design.

Here're useful tips and guidelines from our artists

  • Avoid blurry images and screenshots.
  • Its work best if your pet looking into the camera and in good lighting.
  • Try to make it a close-up, so we can see your pet's unique emotions and features.
  • Take the photo from eye level if suitable to the design
  • Try to avoid bad lighting and give us a outdoor natural daylight.
  • Make sure no ears are out of frame!
  • Make sure your pet isn't resting on anything - We don't include furniture so make sure your pet isn't leaning over or obscured by an object.


Still not sure whether your photo will work?

Please send us your photos (mailto: support@kutepaw.com). We will contact you in no time.